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This new intake is an adorable baby girl River Otter 🦦 that was found in a drainage pipe with no other otters around. She has no injuries but is really missing her Mom 🙁 . She’s getting adjusted to her new surroundings ❤️🦦 and now needs a name while she is in our care. If you would like to submit a name suggestion for this cutie all we ask is that you fill out the form below and make a $5 donation for each name suggestion you have. After you SUBMIT your name suggestion you’ll be taken to the donate page to complete your entry. We will be accepting name ideas until April 20th and then have our resident raccoon Mr. Simon draw the winning name. As an added bonus the winner will also receive a WTFC T-shirt! 

Remember this is a girl. You will make your $5 per name entry donation after you click the submit button . Remember you can increase your chances of your name being chosen by Mr. Simon by increasing your donation amount.

Name our New Baby Girl River Otter Fundraiser/ Contest

Sponsor A Baby

Check out our Sponsor A Baby Program. When Spring arrives so do the babies and this year is no different. This program helps with the intake cost for the numerous animal babies in our care.  

In May 2023 we had 38 baby raccoons, over 100 baby opossums, foxes, deer fawn, ducklings, squirrels, flying squirrels and mice. With so much development that is destroying wildlife habitat we anticipate the need in 2024 and beyond to be the same or more. We need your help to help us give them the best chance at a life in the wild.

A ONE-TIME donation of $45 covers the cost of vaccinations and dewormer for one baby. In exchange you can choose which type of baby you’d like to help and name them.  You will then receive a digital picture of your baby. 

Click on the button above to fill out the form, make your Sponsor A Baby donation and join our wildlife rescue family.


Join Our Monthly Sponsorship Program

We have many permanent residents, like Fidget the raccoon and Todd the fox, that depend on us for their health and well-being and the cost to ensure they live their best lives is not inexpensive. One of our horses, Tatiana, needs specialized care at a cost of $1200 a month. By joining our Monthly Sponsorship Program you can help us offset these expenses and contribute towards their life-long care.  We offer 7 different levels of sponsorship, starting as low as $10 a month, that are available to individuals or businesses. Please click on Sponsorships to learn more and see more beautiful animals that need your support.

Be sure to check out our 4 levels of Championship monthly sponsorships as well. These are levels of higher amounts to allow for more significant support of our mission. There are also bigger rewards when participating in the Championship levels. 

This much is clear: we cannot afford to fail in our mission to save the wildlife on our planet.

Become A Volunteer


Wild Things Freedom Center values its volunteers tremendously. Without our volunteers the Sanctuary would not function. Please fill out the online application to get the process started and become a part of our team and our mission.

This is alternative way to donate to Wild Things Freedom Center other than Paypal. 

Renovation & Expansion Projects

There is always a need and many ways to help. 

These are just some of the reasons for our passion!