Baby Season is Coming!

Baby season is here!

We have taken in so many babies this year and they keep coming. We began our seasonal preparation to help as many babies as possible grow up and continue on their journey into the wild but we are still behind in donations to help us keep us with the need. Last year, with your help, we carried many babies on that journey to freedom and were able to do so by giving them the nutrition necessary. All of the formulas we use are ordered from Fox Valley Animal Nutrition and the average total cost for the season is $6400.00. We think it is well worth it to save so many lives.

Please consider a gift of nutrition and health to help the wildlife that comes through our doors continue their interrupted journeys back to their original lives where they belong. Every single $ helps so many. You can even join our Monthly Sponsorship Program to help us year-round. Check out this page to learn more about this invaluable program.

Here are other ways to donate. 



Checks can be mailed to:

308 Ryan Morant Ln
Georgetown SC 29440

You can also go to the Fox Valley Animal Nutrition website and have the formula sent directly to us:

Items on our Wish List with them include:

Squirrel 20/50
Opossums 25/30
Multi Species 32/40
Deer 33/30
Fox 35/32
Raccoon 40/25

How would you like to help name our Babies?

We take in so many babies each season that we sometimes run out of fun and creative names for all of them. If you would like to help us name some of the babies this season please consider a small donation towards helping us care for them. 
For a donation of $20 we will be happy to take your idea to name one baby and for a donation of $100 we will give you the opportunity to name a group that we take in. This could be a colony of bats, a squad of squirrels, a passel of opossums, a nest of bunnies or a nursery of raccoons.
To get started fill out the form below, click on Submit then to complete your request click on the donate button and choose the amount. You are always welcome to donate more.
Then, watch our Facebook page to see which baby or babies have your name on them. Please keep your ideas G-rated. 
Thank you for your support of these wonderful animals and remember Wild Things Freedom Center is a 501 (c) 3 non profit charity organization so all donations are 100% tax deductible.
Name Our Babies