Renovation Projects

Each year we  save hundreds of lives that wouldn’t have a chance without the help of our community and their invaluable contributions. Our goal is to continue to expand the Sanctuary to help us save even more lives.

We have some very special projects, shown below, that we hope to begin working on as soon as possible to help us with our expansion plans. We hope you will consider a donation towards their realization.

In 2021 we have already taken in more babies than the previous 2 years. We want to continue to save these precious lives so now is the time to think about expanding our Baby Barn to help make this a reality. We know that our supporters and followers want us to continue this work as well and watch these precious ones grow and be released back into their habitat where they belong. We estimate the cost, to do the expansion the way we would like, is $15500. With your help and donations we can get started so that when baby season rolls around in 2022 we will be ready.

Work began in Dec. 2020 on our project of building a 4-stall horse barn similar to the one you see here (not quite this big). It’s slow going due to supply costs and availability of supplies. This is an expensive undertaking but necessary to keep our horses comfortable and out of the elements when necessary. Our goal was to raise $9400 for the building materials and incidentals while also doing the building ourselves to help keep costs in check.  We are still short about $5000 since lumber prices are still at an all-time high. If you would like to donate towards this goal you may please use this link to our Donate page and include a note with your donation that you would like it to go towards our new horse barn.


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As animals continue to arrive at our facility the need for more enclosures for Training and Permanent Residents also continues. Each enclosure costs $1800 each which is the cost to the purchase the materials. We do the construction ourselves to help save money and to ensure they are built to our specifications. While we always want to release the animals brought to us there are exceptions that we must keep for their safety. Our pledge is to make sure these permanent residents have everything they need to live the happiest and healthiest life. If you would like to donate towards the cost of these enclosures please follow this link to our Donate page and include a note that your donation is to go towards enclosures.

We have started building the fencing/ paddock area for our horses in our back field and have come a long way. We are still short of some of the supplies which we estimate still costs $2500. There will be additional costs for the wire field fence. This is another project that we will purchase the materials and do the work ourselves in order to keep costs down. Since we first posted about building the paddock area for our horses we took a hit with Hurricane ” Ian “. Thankfully it was structural damage and no injury to our beloved animals. We now need your help in rebuilding certain areas like the fence for our wolves Ghost and Luna.

Items needed –
6 sections of cattle feedlot panel fencing, 52″ x 16′. We will need help getting them out to the Sancturary for the wolf’s enclosure.
12 sheets of plywood 4′ x 8′ and 1/2” thick, Pressure Treated.

If you would like to donate towards these projects please follow this link to our Donate page and include a note that your donation is to go towards fencing. *Copyright infringement is not intended.


While there are plenty of expansion projects we need for our Sanctuary there is one big dream item that we think about everyday. A MINI TRACTOR!! It’s something that would be invaluable to us and such a big help in many ways.  But it’s expensive. The model we hope to purchase costs $22,000. This important piece of equipment could help us do so many things on our property and “clear” the way for many smaller projects we have set our sights on. If you would like to contribute towards this hefty piece of equipment please follow this link and make sure to include a note that your donation is to go towards a MINI TRACTOR.

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Baby Barn Expansion 50%
Horse Barn 45%
Training & Permanent Enclosures 40%
Horse Fencing/ Paddock/ Cattle Panels 45%
Tractor 0%